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I / We  __________________________ (Author Names) hereby submit the Research Paper titled __________________________________ for publication in IJEEMC in the upcoming Issue. I / We agree to pay the maintenance / publication charges as mentioned on the website of IJEEMC. The Research Paper is Plagiarism Free and we will be responsible for any Copyright Aspects at any stage even after publication of the Research Paper.


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1.24 : Year 2012

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1.39 : Year 2014


International Journal of Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Controls (IJEEMC) is an Online Journal. IJEEMC consider the original and unpublished manuscripts for publication in the issues. It is the sole responsibility of the authors, if they hide any information or submit the manuscript previously published or submitted for publication. The authors shall be responsible for any claim on plagiarism in their manuscripts. The manuscript shall be removed immediately if any plagiarism found without any notice or warning.